Calacatta Luna Fabbricotti

Calacatta Luna Fabbricotti

Calacatta Luna Fabbricotti is a white marble tending to yellowish. Its veins are often grey with jagged golden spots and it is considered one of the most valuable marbles in the world. It is quarried in the Carrara area and is used almost exclusively for luxury interiors and high-quality design.

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Technical Specifications


OriginCarrara (Italy)
Mass of Unit Volume2710 Kg/m3
Water absorption0.10%
Compression breaking load simple150 MPa
Breaking load simple compression after freezing139 MPa
Elastic modulus Tangent76,500 Mpa
Indirect tensile strength through Bending18,3 MPa
Relative Abrasion coefficient (referring to s. Fedelino granite)0.58
Impact resistance: minimum fall height60 cm
Linear thermal expansion coefficient5.2 x 10-5 0C-1
Knoop microhardness2031 MPa
Divergences of hardness index1.24
SourcePolitecnico di Torino

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