Breccia Portofino

Breccia Portofino

Breccia Portofino is a grey marble tending to bluish with white hints. It is quarried in the Carrara area and has a predominantly irregular design. It is mostly used for cladding, flooring and kitchen tops due to its strength.

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Technical Specifications


OriginCarrara (Italy)
Mass of Unit Volumend
Water absorptionnd
Compression breaking load simplend
Breaking load simple compression after freezingnd
Elastic modulus Tangentnd
Indirect tensile strength through Bendingnd
Relative Abrasion coefficient (referring to s. Fedelino granite)nd
Impact resistance: minimum fall heightnd
Linear thermal expansion coefficientnd
Knoop microhardnessnd
Divergences of hardness indexnd
SourcePolitecnico di Torino

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