How to recognize Carrara Marble imitations

World Service Carrara

World Service Carrara

Posted by our team of bloggers

World Service Carrara

World Service Carrara

Posted by our team of bloggers

How to recognize Carrara Marble imitations

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How to recognize Carrara Marble imitations

carrara marble imitations fake marmo imitazioni

In this article we will explain how to identify Carrara Marble imitations using some simple tricks.

Let’s start reminding that Carrara marble is one of the most famous marbles in the world.

Because of such status, just like every unique and valuable object, you can always find someone or some company trying to sell fakes as originals.

Why is Carrara Marble such valuable?

Because of three simple reasons:

  • Its outstanding workmanship versatility in comparison to other materials;
  • A remarkable resistance to the environment;
  • It is never trivial and is always appreciated

But then, how can we distinguish it from a replica?

First of all, let’s make a distinction between raw and finished material.

Offering the raw material, such as unfinished marble blocks and slabs, we can find several suppliers – mostly from Asia – pushing their local marble and claiming it’s “Carrara Marble”.

There are white marbles, such as the ones from Vietnamese or Chinese origin, that are often proposed exactly as imitations of Carrara marble.

This wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that they specifically call them Carrara Marble.


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Owning a quarry that produces white marble and sell it as a different type isn’t quite nice, for several reasons:

  • First, for the buyer, who believes is purchasing a certain grade of marble, with particular features such as Carrara’s, and find him/herself with a cheap copy;
  • Second, for the credibility of the product on the market. Unfortunately, there are currently no means to validate the exact origin of the marble block or slab, enabling a lack of trust. For that reason, customers are reluctant to buy Carrara marble remotely, and consequently the market becomes insidious;
  • Third, for compromising the everyday effort that dealers and suppliers of Carrara marble make to enhance its value.

We don’t intend to criticize other markets, but rather warn you of potential scams and frauds.

Just a while ago, one of our salesmen experienced exactly what we explained above. He received a sales offer for Carrara Marble from Vietnam.

How naive is it to offer a Carrara Marble replica to a Carrara dealer?

Well, it really happened, as you can see from the pictures below.

We decided to take advantage of this episode and turn it into a profitable moment for you. From these pictures and our description, you will better understand how to distinguish an original Carrara Marble from a replica.

Distinguishing Carrara marble from imitations

Look at the difference between these tiles:

carrara marble imitations wsc marmo imitazioni
carrara marble no imitations wsc marmo carrara

The first thing to catch the eye is the pattern. The copy shows a white background with very few dark veins. The veining is also blurry, presenting an irregular look, like dashed lines.

In contrast, the Carrara Marble tile can always present a lighter or darker background, depending on its quality, but with a light gray veining.

Another feature you can easily glimpse is the presence of small specks, like dots, in between the veins.
In addition, the pattern is unmistakable as the White Carrara’s veining spreads regularly and repeatedly across the surface.

The next aspect that distinguishes real from fake Carrara’s marble is the gloss effect.

If you notice, the light reflection on the copy’s surface is faded, it doesn’t actually reflect.
On the contrary, the gloss effect of a Carrara’s marble tile is mirror-like. This is only possible due to the very pure and crystalline composition of the Carrara Marble, unique in its kind. The gloss effect is one of its greatest qualities.

What about if it is a row material?

carrara marble imitations raw fakeIf you are dealing with the raw material, you certainly cannot rely on the gloss effect; you will then have to rely exclusively on the background and the pattern.
However, in this case, a truly effective trick is to check the granularity of the material.

For instance, you will notice that on a block, specially on the edges next to the chipped borders:

  • The Carrara marble, thanks to its saccharoidal composition, is very crystalline and is considerably compact;
  • The replica will rather tend to a more satiny and chalky color. Many of these marbles are also likely to crumble easily.

We hope this article brought you some useful information to differentiate the original Carrara Marble from imitations.
Clearly, the only way to be absolutely sure is to rely on professionals and local traders from the Carrara area.

If you need an advice regarding Carrara marble, WSC is completely available to help you choose the best material.

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